Tile roofs come in many different types, styles and materials. For many, a tile roof is a finishing touch on a high-end construction project that has a distinct quality look. Tile is also an excellent choice to match certain home styles such as mission and Spanish style homes. Some homeowners can’t imagine their home with anything but tile roofing. The most common roofing tile is manufactured from concrete, but they also come in other materials such as traditional clay, metal, stone coated steel and fiberglass. In some cases, people even use real stone or slate tiles although this isn’t common as the cost is high.

More About Tile Shingles

Most styles of roofing tiles come in a wide selection of shapes, textures, styles and colors. The most common and cost effective type is the standard concrete tile. These tiles come in a smooth or textured finish and some have a staggered leading edge to mimic the look of a wood shake. Concrete tiles are also made in different shapes such as corrugated or barrel/Spanish to perfectly match the style of the home. Tiles are also known to be durable and typically have a long service life.

While you won’t see as many tiles roofs as you did in the past, that doesn’t mean your concrete tile roof can’t be repaired or replaced by your everyday roofer. Roofcorp has decades of experience with all types of roofing, including tile roofs of different varieties. Whether you want to repair or replace your tile roof, or perhaps discuss making the switch to asphalt shingles, Roofcorp can help you make the affordable and right choice for your situation and home. A Roofcorp representative can meet with you to discuss repairing or replacing tiles, installing new tiles, or making the switch to a tile alternative such as asphalt shingles, all free of charge.

If you are considering a tile roof, there are sure to be many different choices for you to consider including repair, replacement, or switching your roofing material altogether. Please call or contact us to discuss current options in our market and what we can do for your home and roof today.