R.L. Roofing Employees Pose for Picture on Roof

Michigan Roofing Company Gifts Roof to Youth Shelter

A simple act of charity can mean more to the ones giving than the ones receiving. That’s the case for R.L. Roofing Service foreman Jonathan Hodges and his company’s work on Michigan City’s Anthony Adams House, an emergency shelter for homeless and troubled youth.

A Michigan City News-Dispatch reporter was onsite covering the free roof installation when Hodges asked a seemingly innocent question, “Isn’t this going to be a place for homeless mothers?” After being informed he was working on a roof for a planned youth shelter, Hodges put his face in his hands. “I didn’t realize that,” Hodges said. “I’ve had my own experience with being homeless. I was a ward of the state from the time I was 5 years old. I lived in different foster homes when I was growing up, so I know all about kids being neglected. This really does hit home.”

Jason Coleman, another foreman at R.L., was more than happy to volunteer his time and skill to give Michigan City kids a secure place to call home. Like Hodges, Coleman also had a troubled youth but found a way out in the roofing business. “I used to be one of those kids,” Coleman said. “I started this job when I was 16. I was one of those teens who was at risk; but Rich (Leslie Sr.) gave me a chance, and I’ve been here ever since.”

The 14-man crew spent a day on the shelter ripping up all previous roofing, replacing any rotted or damaged decking, installing high quality underlayment, and placing brand new shingles. By Monday evening the crew was sweeping up the completed job.

Though R.L. Roofing Service took the lead by volunteering their time, labor, decking, and nails, the roof replacement was a group effort. La Porte Seamless Gutter provided new seamless gutters and downspouts, roofing manufacturer GAF supplied the shingles and roofing accessories, and City Lanes provided a free lunch to the crew.

R.L. Vice President of Operations Rich Leslie Jr. couldn’t have been more pleased with his guys. “They really stepped up and were extremely excited to do something for the community. They’re not getting paid for this. They’re taking money out of their checks this week just to be able to give back to the community that we all grew up in and love.”

The shelter’s founder Candice Nelson was overwhelmed by the outpouring of support. She had hoped to have the shelter operational by Summer 2019, but major roof leaks delayed its opening. Nelson called GAF, who pointed her toward R.L. Roofing. With the new roof, Nelson hopes to have the shelter open by the end of summer 2020. “I feel so blessed,” she said, shaking her head as she watched the roofers work. “And as I’m blessed, I will be passing it on.”

Roofer lays shingles

Colorado State Team Heading to Roofing Alliance Competition Finals

The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) and its sister organization the Roofing Alliance recently announced the five finalists in its 2020 Construction Management Student Competition. Eight colleges participated in the year’s sixth challenge. The five finalists were picked based on their written proposals. Colorado’s own Colorado State University and their Department of Construction Management qualified as a finalist.

The annual contest is meant to encourage a new generation of construction managers and innovative thinkers in the growing roofing market by requiring professional and thorough roofing proposals.

What is the Construction Management Student Competition?

The annual competition was formed out to test groups of college students on their roofing knowledge, project management skills, and presentation skills. This year’s competition is submitting a quote and bid package for a new roof system at the Ford Center. The Ford Center in Frisco, TX, is home to the Dallas Cowboy’s world headquarters and houses the team’s indoor practice facility.

The roof was originally designed and constructed by KPost Roofing and Waterproofing of Dallas, TX.

The competition requires the different teams to fully research the facility, review the plans and specs of proposed construction, and resemble an accurate price quote along with a bid proposal package. The tools and skills learned for the competition helps mold a new generation of construction professionals and is judged by the Roofing Alliance.

The five finalists will meet at the Roofing Expo in Dallas to present their proposals to the Roofing Alliance. The winners will be announced at the NRCA Industry Awards ceremony.

The Construction Management Student Competition finalists to present at the expo include:

Auburn University, The McWhorter School of Building Science. Team Captain: Rachel Nemecek, Faculty Advisor: Lauren Redden, Team Mentor: Kyle Thomas (Thomas Roofing Co.)

Clemson University. Team Captain: Brad Smith, Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dhaval Gajjar Team Mentor: Nicholas Hotze (Guy Roofing Inc.)

Colorado State University, Department of Construction Management: Team Captain: Brendan Phelan, Faculty Advisor: Nick Rubino, Team Mentor: Kent Nelson (Front Range Roofing Systems LLC.)

Texas A&M University Team Captain: Tyler Stivers Faculty Advisor: Lance Simms, Team Mentor: Mark Standifer (King of Texas Roofing Company.)

University of Florida, School of Building Construction. Team Captain: Tony Centro Faculty Advisor: Jim Sullivan, Team Mentor: Rob Springer (Springer-Peterson Roofing + Sheet Metal, Inc.)

If you are in the Dallas area you can see the roofing expo and the student competitors at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center on February 5, 2020. You can learn more about the student competition by visiting the Roofing Alliance website at RoofingAlliance.net.