T-lock shingles were popular for many years. They were designed to be a wind-resistant shingle that locked together instead of being secured by a glue strip. Over time, though, there have been significant improvements in shingle design and adhesives for other styles of shingle. While your home may still have a working T-lock shingle roof, you may find in the future that you’ll need to jump ship. Several years ago, the two main manufacturers discontinued T-lock shingles and they are no longer available.

More About T-Lock Shingles

We have a limited stock of T-lock shingles available which can be used for minor repairs. Unfortunately, if your roof has significant damage or weathering, it may not be possible to repair it. If our customers have damage from wind or hail, we are able to assist them with filing a claim through their homeowner’s insurance. Depending on the type of repair or replacement you need, we may not be able to help with a T-lock roofing system.

We can help you figure out how to replace your roof to asphalt shingles or another roofing system if you’re ready to make the leap. While this may seem expensive, your insurance company may cover the cost since the previous roofing system is discontinued throughout North America. We won’t leave you hanging and help you find a solution that is right for your home, roof, and property. Roofcorp is here to help you make the transition from T-lock shingle roof to asphalt shingle roof or another roofing system. A Roofcorp representative can meet with you to discuss possible options to switch your roofing system from a T-Lock to a modern shingle free of charge.

Our insurance claim program is a free service we provide to all our customers that guarantees that we will repair or replace your roof under your insurance claim pricing and specifications. Whether you need a repair, replacement, or help figuring out what your roofing issues is, Roofcorp of Metro Denver is here to help you through it from start to finish. Our roofing experts can help you no matter the roofing issue with a T-lock shingle roof.