These days, metal roofing is often used for focal points and prominent accents on multi-million dollar custom homes. The complimenting colors and textures can often be the finishing touch on a dramatic architectural plan. While metal roofing is still not as widely used as asphalt roofing products, it is certainly gaining in popularity and for the right project, it can be a great choice.

More About Metal Roofing

Stone Coated Steel

Stone coated steel roofing has been around for many years. It comes in numerous shapes and sizes though most replicate the look of a concrete tile or wood shake. They are manufactured using a process that adheres stone granules to the surface of a steel tile. The end result is a roofing product that is versatile and long lasting. Stone coated steel gives customers many different styles and colors to choice from. So if you like the look of stone coated steal, they is sure to be something that will be the perfect match for your metal roofing project.

Standing Seem Roofing

Standing-seam metal panels are typically a Galvalume coated steel. They are installed by running from top to bottom on your roof. Each panel is secured by clips on the outer side and screwed into the decking. The next panel covers the clips and screws, then a tool is used to crimp the panels together allowing it to stay in place. This allows for the panels to stretch and shrink with the weather, yet remain intact on your roof. Standing seam panels vary from 12 to 19 inches in width.

Pro Panel II

Pro Panel II metal panels are also a Galvalume coated steel. This system comes in panels measuring the length of the roof and running from top to bottom. The panels are 36 inches in width and have exposed fasteners. Pro Panel II offers a lower profile rib at a more cost effective option when it comes to a metal roofing product than most.

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