Roofing and seamless gutters often wear out around the same time. If you are in the process or having your roof replaced, gutter replacement is definitely something to consider. Replacing the gutters during the reroofing process is extremely beneficial to the homeowner as doing gutters and a roof replacement at the same time will help make sure the two systems will work perfectly together moving forward.

What You Need to Do Know About Gutters

Proper Materials

We know there are several options when it comes to having your gutters replaced and each has its unique pros and cons. Roofcorp chooses to install aluminum seamless gutters. We have found that aluminum seamless gutters are very adaptable to Colorado’s climate, do a great job at flushing the roofing system of water and debris, last for years, and look great on just about any type of home.

Denver gutters

Quality Construction

Roofcorp utilizes a combination of heavy gauge aluminum coils in multiple sizes, hidden hangers, downspouts, and custom-formed box miters to construct the perfect gutter system for your roof. Homeowners may choose from several dozen color choices to pick out the perfect gutter color for their home. Hidden hangers give the gutter system a very clean look while custom cut miters not only look better on your home, but tend to hold up better over time. Gutters, miters and other facets of your gutter system will be formed onsite at the time of install to make sure everything is custom manufactured for your individual roof.

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Proper Fit and Function

Roofcorp can install 4, 5 or 6 inch seamless gutters depending on your home’s unique properties and what volume of runoff the gutter system will receive. Roofcorp can install a variety of downspout sizes to make sure your guttering system is moving water efficiently. Downspouts can be replaced as-is or you can work with Roofcorp to move or add additional downspouts and downspout extensions to make sure water is being directed where you want it to go.

While Roofcorp does not install additional protection such as gutter helmets or leaf guards, we can work with you to let you know the best type of gutter guards that will work with your gutter system.

So if you’re having your roof replaced, there’s no better time to have your gutters replaced too. Talk with your roofing consultant about getting new seamless gutters on your home.